How Pain Becomes The Gain

Title suggests “Pain & Gain” but it’s actually not about hitting the gym and working yourself through the pain of your body and gaining progress on your physical appearance. No, my kind of pain is through the heart and soul though as deep as it sounds, my gain is way better. I keep saying to […]

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Troll Tales

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
About a year ago, I wrote about¬†how to deal with trolls. My chief recommendation echoed the¬†conventional wisdom on this subject: don’t feed the trolls. In other words, ignore them. Don’t engage. I still think that’s the optimal way to deal with trolls; however, I’ve come across a couple of…

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Unwanted Thoughts

I find myself stuck in a position where I think about all the ridiculous things thats happening to my life. So maybe making making my blog as a public diary would be nice. Obviously it has some lesson to what I’ll be writing for you awesome followers to take note. Trust me, the stress and […]

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Pain is a feeling that some people can’t show, it basically buries deep inside our heart. To show pain is to see our smile if it’s sincere or not.Some would wanna be alone and be quiet, walk alone, spend time with people and just be with specific people. Some can see just how lonely and […]

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