Question? How do we get money…? Depending on how old you are, you can acquire money in different ways. At a young age, we tend to get money from our parents so easily that we always thought money grows on trees. Then again, if money were to actually grow on trees, it would take an […]

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How ProtoShadowBlade Existed.

In the gaming world, I’m known as ProtoShadowBlade. Some people in my country would call me and take me up as a car brand”Proton” but the name actually came from another thing. It was from a game called StarCraft. A strategic game where by it was a little like Warcraft – build this and that […]

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iPhone : To buy or not to buy

I’ve been contemplating whether to buy an iPhone or not. I’m a very picky person with technology and if I do buy something, I want it to be used for more than 3 years. I was a Sony Xperia S holder for 6 years and that phone was amazing. It’s camera back in the era, […]

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TRANSPORTER REFUELED From the earlier days of Jason Statham of the Transporter series comes a reboot directed by Camille Delamarre with an interesting story line, different from the previous series. Reviews shows that this movie was a horrible reboot where by IMDB rated 4.8/10 for the movie. I’m not sure why – but I think […]


How Pain Becomes The Gain

Title suggests “Pain & Gain” but it’s actually not about hitting the gym and working yourself through the pain of your body and gaining progress on your physical appearance. No, my kind of pain is through the heart and soul though as deep as it sounds, my gain is way better. I keep saying to […]

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Troll Tales

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
About a year ago, I wrote about how to deal with trolls. My chief recommendation echoed the conventional wisdom on this subject: don’t feed the trolls. In other words, ignore them. Don’t engage. I still think that’s the optimal way to deal with trolls; however, I’ve come across a couple of…

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