Perspective Attitude

A problem with individuals is that most people would have their own attitude. Not all can cooperative with an individuals attitude. Most people would smile and waive and at the end of the day it depends whether they are sincere or not. In my case, i think I’m trynna blend in. Then again, aren’t we […]

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We all have the things we want to get by ourselves without having our parents buying it for us. Have you ever tried getting it and wondered what you did would haunt you in the future?


We Have The Power to Change

The twenty first century shows that the evolution of mankind is constantly changing. I was 15 years old when I first thought the world was a peaceful place. Until I found myself in a position where it was all a lie. A lie told by our elders to “protect” us from the knowing the cruel […]

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Technical Error

Hey guys, I’ve been having some difficulties trying to organise my blog site. If you’d take a look at the page it’s kind of messy and it makes it hard for you readers to navigate. Bear with me for a few days┬áto those who has been following me with my posts. I appreciate your patience. […]

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Life in Both Perspective

Who we are defines how we were raised by both our parents and our surroundings in society. We are who we are but its all determined by how our childhood was. We know that there is always two sides of any story. One coming from the source and one coming from a third party from […]

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Question? How do we get money…? Depending on how old you are, you can acquire money in different ways. At a young age, we tend to get money from our parents so easily that we always thought money grows on trees. Then again, if money were to actually grow on trees, it would take an […]

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iPhone : To buy or not to buy

I’ve been contemplating whether to buy an iPhone or not. I’m a very picky person with technology and if I do buy something, I want it to be used for more than 3 years. I was a Sony Xperia S holder for 6 years and that phone was amazing. It’s camera back in the era, […]

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How Pain Becomes The Gain

Title suggests “Pain & Gain” but it’s actually not about hitting the gym and working yourself through the pain of your body and gaining progress on your physical appearance. No, my kind of pain is through the heart and soul though as deep as it sounds, my gain is way better. I keep saying to […]

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Unwanted Thoughts

I find myself stuck in a position where I think about all the ridiculous things thats happening to my life. So maybe making making my blog as a public diary would be nice. Obviously it has some lesson to what I’ll be writing for you awesome followers to take note. Trust me, the stress and […]

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