We all have the things we want to get by ourselves without having our parents buying it for us. Have you ever tried getting it and wondered what you did would haunt you in the future?

Yeah. I’m having that moment in my life where I realised it was an idiotic move to try and acquire my own things without having any money of my own. I did a lot of crazy things during my teen years and it’s haunting me now. I promise you, it’s not even funny to even think about these even when you’ve settled it. It’s an experience I want to share so that it wouldn’t happen to you.

I wanted to always be independent. Trying to get things my own way and sometimes i thought that if i were to do it without my parents knowing everything would be alright. But judging what’s happening right now? I’m beginning to know it was actually me on a greedy path. A path that I thought I would never walk on, i guess there’s always a purpose when we do wrong things.

So I’m currently bound to 3 contracts and I’m almost done with two of them. However, the third one is a bit complicated as it relates to not my name, but another person’s name who helped me out a lot in trying to get what I want. But as a student, you can’t really catch up to the payment schedule. Not everyone is perfect at trying to get the correct amount and pay it in time. I would assume 70% of the people on Earth right now delays their payment. I’m assuming, no source from what ever site.

There lies my problem in gathering the resources I need. A friend of mine helped me to start a small business on campus to sell a bunch of donuts and it was a good business for the first few months. Also, another friend of mine loan me some cash for me to actually pay off my debts and he was nice about it to actually wait until I’m able to fully pay him in bulk. I guess in a way when you’re going through hard times, it’s good to know that there are people who can actually help you genuinely without asking you anything in return so quickly. Although trust plays a huge role out of it.

So here are 3 random advice to those who wants to acquire their own assets according to their “own” way;

  1. Never take free loan money without anyconsent or any assurance it won’t bite your ass back. Check if the government is going to haunt you to pay back for it or not. If they’re giving you free money without any condition, sure, go ahead and take it but spend it wisely.
  2. Avoid shitty contracts that would mess up your cashflow for future expenditure. Because I’m bind to a contract and especially if that contract is under someone else’s name, they are gonna hunt you down make sure you pay them. So these kind of people please avoid.
  3. Greed, one of the deadliest seven sins that mankind has to face. When you have something, keep it that way unless it naturally comes into your atmosphere.

In conclusion, I’m happy that so far my hard work has caught up to its time. I would say that I almost screwed a lot of my life decisions, but I’m trying really hard to do right from the wrongs. Hopefully by the end of this year I won’t be in any such contract anymore that would burden me or the people around me for helping me out. Sooner or later there will come another problem because life is all about learning how to solve your own problem.

Thanks for reading, till next post
Yours Truly.


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