We Have The Power to Change

The twenty first century shows that the evolution of mankind is constantly changing. I was 15 years old when I first thought the world was a peaceful place. Until I found myself in a position where it was all a lie. A lie told by our elders to “protect” us from the knowing the cruel truth about the world on how corrupted and not as holy as we thought it should be.

As the world changes, we forget that we either can choose to be part of society or be apart from it as it contains  influences that can either destroy us or make us to be a better person. So many differences in trying to provide ourselves with the knowledge that is hidden somewhere in the vast universe. We tend to forget that we have the power to make change. But of course it is the good change that is needed and it is the optimism of people that would lead the world into a peaceful and structured society.

When we talk about “structured society” the first thing that comes to mind would be our government. How the government handles a country determines whether it would be a successful country or it would a damaged and corrupted country. Then again it all depends on the individual of the citizens in the country.

For better or worse everything has its cause and it all falls naturally in the plan of the Almighty.



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