TGV Indulge- A “Romantic” Movie Experience

I am a huge movie buff and with every movie that comes out I would go over to TGV and I would watch it either in a Standard Hall by myself or with my father on IMAX. Trust me, the IMAX experience is crazy in so many ways that it feels like you’re wearing headphones.

But I’m not gonna be talking about the IMAX experience, no. This is TGV’s Indulge and to make it more recognisable it’s more like the GSC Gold Class. But then again, it has been so long since I’ve been to GSC and I’m not sure if they have the same features as Indulge.


Indulge has one of the most unique movie experience for movie lovers who would wanna start their first “date”. The theatre consists of seating environment that gives you comfort and space for you to enjoy the movie and makes it worthwhile watching movies. Prices would obviously vary from standard seatings and they have a pretty solid reason why.


At the front of the entrance you’ll have your friendly customer service and they will help you with the packages that you’d like.If you’re the type that likes to feel like a “celebrity” there a wall where you can take a picture showing you’re at Indulge.

Indulge provides variety of food for you to order either having it in the theatre or dine  in. I’ve had it in the theatre and I had it while I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. They served us the food and it was pretty fresh i must say.  If i remember it correctly I think I ordered the chicken meal.

Besides having it in the theatre, the dine-in lounge is magnificent. The feel of the lounge was amazing as it felt like there were a classy side of having to eat at the place. It had like a hotel feel for me. The seats were comfortable, the waiters were friendly to the point that they would usher you to your cinema hall.


A price of RM70 could get you a solid seat that gives you the comfort and feel of a single bed. They provide blankets and pillows to cuddle with during the movie, but lets be realistic here, we all know that we’d cuddle with that special someone. Moreover, the seat has a decline function that would make viewers lie down while watching the movie. I’m not so sure of the purpose of it but it makes me feel like they want you to spend a lot of money on the seating for you to either have the potential to fall asleep or just for your own comfort.

I would think of Indulge as a place for real movie lovers and it’s a place where you can celebrate something special from time to time. It’s something I definitely would suggest you movie buffs to give it a try.

Indulge is located in 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Damansara and in Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur.



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