Life in Both Perspective

Who we are defines how we were raised by both our parents and our surroundings in society. We are who we are but its all determined by how our childhood was.
We know that there is always two sides of any story. One coming from the source and one coming from a third party from which they would exaggerate just to make it interesting, insert a little bit of twist. Let’s take a classic look at a break-up.

A break up can happen either from the girls perspective or the guys perspective. An honest story would lead to a happy or disappointing tale, but it depends how we look at it. Make a simple judgement from which when we hear a story, we would blame the one who brought more negativity in the relationship and would “aww” the optimistic person. To be honest, we can’t just hear a story from one side but if that’s the only story we know, why not we imagine what the other person is going through or had to go through? The impact that would affect their life forever and causes a change in their reality and how they would eventually other people. I can’t help to feel pity and to think what they have to go through to recover from their pain.


We are constantly changing, even right now.


Let’s take a look at life, generally, its no easy job to be jolly. Some would disguise themselves behind their smile, some would show that their lives are miserable through the naked eye. Can we really judge these people? Every person has their own way in solving their problem. Whether we accept it or not, we don’t have to bash them head on, unless you guys are friends and they constantly complain. There’s always a limit to where a “friend” can listen to another friends problems.

With that said, let’s take a good look at life in both ways shall we?


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