Life Test

Every failure that comes into your life is another lesson for you to learn. We all know that, not that anybody ever cares about people’s failure, not friends nor family, you name it. Failure comes in so many forms, from relationships to studies to the working life to your own self setup goals.

So what do we need to succeed in life, to make ourselves happy. This is a question of selfishness whether you want to succeed or fail in life. I find it hard, I’ll find people who were there during my downfall, who I thought understood what it meant to require emotional support. It can come from your mom, it can come to the closest friends you have, it can come from your ex’s parents to your roommate in college.

I recently just gone through a break-up that was unexpected. Some would say its a normal break-up but the relationship I had going on was special in my life. I had my hopes up because we would never fall into an argument and if anything happened we would laugh it out and forget about it.

Some gave me advice to move on and we all know that every break-up isn’t easy. You would run it through your mind again and again, a question that keeps asking yourself unconsciously “Why did she do it?” . She did explain why and I was suppose to respect her decision, but I can never accept the fact that me not being involved in her life anymore.

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The after effect of the break-up had me going through a series of emotional breakdown (as such, some would call me crazy and desperate) from whoever that knew her. Especially the ones we spent time with every weekend when we had the chance to go out. Sad that I love them with all my heart and they were always there.

It was a shocking experience when the truth unfolds that the people I spend time with would never be the same. They would eventually pick a side, either me or her and today i discovered that it wasn’t me because they  do not understand how i feel. It’s never a good thing to pick a side when it comes to these kind of events happened. Not only that, but how a person feels when going through this kind of breakdown. Everyone has their own perspective.

I can never thank to God enough that there are people who shares my pain. Prayers and the people who sincerely care for me will always be in their favour.

So the lesson here is that never give in too much and never trust your friends whom you only know for about a year. They have several faces that hides under their skin and hoping they would realise one day that what they did was wrong because at the end of the day, Karma is a bitch. 

This is just another test for me to face whether to pass it or not.



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