From the earlier days of Jason Statham of the Transporter series comes a reboot directed by Camille Delamarre with an interesting story line, different from the previous series. Reviews shows that this movie was a horrible reboot where by IMDB rated 4.8/10 for the movie. I’m not sure why – but I think it’s because of the new actor that was introduced; Ed Skrein(Frank Martin), wasn’t really a ‘ Frank ‘ to come across with.
To be honest I wasn’t really comfortable at first but with a lot of consideration, this is my opinion on how the movie went. Spoilers alert – the story actually goes around like it’s suppose to – send a package, follow the rules, easy deal – in the early series they did not introduce who Frank’s father was and now we know the origin of who and how Frank Martin is and why is he like that. We all know that he’s a retired black ops military guy but what we didn’t know is why did he join the military. It became interesting when I found out that Frank’s father; Ray Stevenson (Frank Senior) was apparently a retired old spy – for which agency? Probably MI 6 based on the accent – but we can never know since they didn’t mention anything. I’m guessing he was influenced by his father to join the spec ops and be like a “Super-Driver” with an Audi.

Frank was a normal transporter that has a set of rules that he would tell his customer – to those who doesn’t know the how Frank works in the previous transporter – he would always lay out his cards and only know the weight of the package and destination of where he is suppose to send the package. No names, no clue of what the package is and no deals will be changed after the deal is made. You know how we always come across a girl and suddenly everything just changed because of one girl who we find attractive? It’s that kind of situation with Frank.

Basically Frank had to transport two packages that were actually people and not an item. But then again packages wasn’t specified not to be an object of non-living things and so the deal was still on. Objective was just to pick them up and drop them somewhere until he was tricked and forced to work more to take down a Russian Mafia, acted by Radivoje Bukvic (Arkady Karasov) and his allies – which I will not take my time to write their names down – for making business on selling women.

The actresses played by Loan Chabanol,(Anna) Gabriella Wright(Gina), Tatiana Pajkovic(Maria) and Wenxia Yu (Qiao) was spectacular. All of them beautiful obviously – though I find them too skinny for models – then again, they did a wonderful job being stunning, sexy and very charming as dangerous as they are.

All together I would rate the movie 7/10. I’d have to give props on the car exchange in the parking lot. It was very unexpected when he needed to change the car. The lack of 4 points I would have to say about the “ok” fighting choreography and some of the illogical action scenes.



      1. hmmm…thank you for your succint reply. I would give this a miss based on your review. You actually wrote a paragraph about the sexy girls and none on stunts…and this is…an “action” movie?
        BTW, Check out the car sequence at the beginning of “Skyfall” (James Bond) …….many hidden symbolisms there……


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