Perspective Attitude

A problem with individuals is that most people would have their own attitude. Not all can cooperative with an individuals attitude. Most people would smile and waive and at the end of the day it depends whether they are sincere or not. In my case, i think I’m trynna blend in. Then again, aren’t we […]

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We all have the things we want to get by ourselves without having our parents buying it for us. Have you ever tried getting it and wondered what you did would haunt you in the future?


We Have The Power to Change

The twenty first century shows that the evolution of mankind is constantly changing. I was 15 years old when I first thought the world was a peaceful place. Until I found myself in a position where it was all a lie. A lie told by our elders to “protect” us from the knowing the cruel […]

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Technical Error

Hey guys, I’ve been having some difficulties trying to organise my blog site. If you’d take a look at the page it’s kind of messy and it makes it hard for you readers to navigate. Bear with me for a few days to those who has been following me with my posts. I appreciate your patience. […]

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Life in Both Perspective

Who we are defines how we were raised by both our parents and our surroundings in society. We are who we are but its all determined by how our childhood was. We know that there is always two sides of any story. One coming from the source and one coming from a third party from […]

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New Beginnings

It has been 6 months since what happened to me and now I’m finally doing something with my life. Trying to be the better person that my parents wants me to be and what I want to be. I’ve recently taken up a hobby to post stories on my Instagram . So feel free to follow me […]

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